Gas Water Heater

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NGW 550

The gas water heater technology by KD Navien, which is even attracting North American consumers, is applied the same.

KD Navien gas water heater is perfect in performance,safety, and design.

A combination of unparalleled cutting-edge technologies! The core of water heaters is the quality of their hot water!

Ultra-small slime size in Korea!

The compact size can be installed in anywhere!

Durability is reinforced by a stainless heat exchanger

This heat exchanger directly uses heated water!
Corrosion is no problem with this stainless heat exchanger.

If you are not going to use a heat exchanger for just one or two years,
choose KD Navien’s stainless heat exchanger with remarkable durability!

The smart temperature control valve (mixing valve) is
applied to all Navien water heater models.

The mixing valve is a high-tech valve that makes hot water a certain temperature by
instantaneously measuring the temperature of water from the water heater and mixing in cold water when the
temperature is too high to maintain a constant water temperature.

Hot water at a certain temperature without fluctuation

As more sophisticated TDR (flame size adjustment) automatically controls the flame by 100 – 14% depending on required heat,the product not only secures more precise hot water performance, but also saves gas charges by preventing any unnecessary gas consumption.

Application of APS (air pressure sensor),real-time smart air detection technology, for the first time in Korea

KD Navien gas water heater ensures your safety.

    APS(Air Pressure Sensor)

    Since 1988, KD Navien has applied a wind pressure switch, a required safety device to prevent human and property damage, and adopted a further enhanced wind pressure sensor from 2004.

The heater is so quiet,it's almost as if it's not running.

The heater sounds much quieter than a regular quiet office. This gas water heater with the lowest noise in Korea is quieter than a conversation or a quiet office.

Considering the characteristics of installation in daily life,KD Navien designs a water heater with the lowest operating noise. a water heater with the lowest operating noise.