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News Participating in "Aqua Therm 2017," the Largest Heating and Air-conditioning Exhibition in Russia
Feb 9, 2017
KD Navien lives up to its reputation as a leading brand in Russia


KD Navien has continued its strong market presence in Russia since it positioned itself as a popular boiler brand. The company announced that it would participate in "Aqua Therm Moscow 2017," the largest heating and air conditioning exhibition held at the CROCUS EXPO, Moscow, from February 7 to 10 (local time).


Hosted by the ITE Group, the biggest exhibition organizer in Russia, Aqua Therm Moscow 2017 is the largest heating and air conditioning exhibition. 651 companies and 26,417 buyers worldwide are expected to participate in the event. Since 2009, KD Navien has participated in the event every year, strengthening its market leadership with the concept of “KD Navien, No. 1 Brand in Russia.” In addition to being selected as the best company at Aqua Therm in 2015 and 2016, KD Navien was selected by consumers as a top brand, thanks to its strong brand value last year and quality products while continuing to increase its market presence. To this end, the company is introducing new products specifically for Russia including Navien EQB (electric boiler) and Navien TOK (oil and gas boiler) which has a compact design and remote control support.


In addition, the company is introducing "Navien Home IoT" with superior IoT support, Cascade System, a space/water heating system designed for commercial and office buildings, and "Navien Hybrigen SE," which generates electricity. The "Navien Home IoT" is expected to meet the demands for convenience and energy efficiency as the best energy solution available in the market: it can control heating, air conditioning, lighting, and gas with enhanced safety features such as home view and intrusion detection.


Along with the exhibition, KD Navien will hold a conference for local dealers at Lotte Hotel Moscow as part of its strategy to expand its market to the CIS. This year's conference is organized to strengthen its position for further growth in the market, celebrating its 4th anniversary of the Navien Russia. Dealers from the CIS will be invited to enhance its sales network in the region, as well as boost market share.