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News Speeding up Chinese business with eco-friendly technology
Jan 8, 2018
Complete the green future with Navien's condensing technology in China!


Condensing boiler, which can reduce fine dust and greenhouse gas, is now expected to emerge as a new solution in Chinese market. Beijing has already enhanced corresponding NOx regulations on gas boiler since 2015 and forced to install grade 1 condensing boilers in newly-built houses. This year, Beijing has carried forward a business to replace all the currently using coal-fired boilers with condensing gas boiler. Since Beijing has continuously reinforced eco-friendly policies as such and KD Navien has aggressively target Chinese market based on its green condensing technology, you can predict so.

As the first step, from May 18 to 20, KD Navien has participated in ‘ISH China & CIHE 2017’, the largest heating, cooling and air conditioning trade fair in terms of scale in China for 7 consecutive years. In this trade fair, KD Navien heralded a new Korean wave by exhibiting newly released eco-friendly condensing boiler ‘NCB500’ & ‘NCB CE’, premium water heater ‘NGW670’ and the cascade system, which has emerged as a new solution in commercial boiler market, under the concept of 'KD Navien, leader of energy and environment to complete our green future'.

KD Navien also introduced its exclusive technologies to provide more pleasant life environment for consumers. KD Navien displayed its premium water heater, which is a new item of the Korean wave to introduce Korean heating culture, and provided chances to experience the 'Navien Home IoT' directly by which user can conveniently save energy by controlling heating, cooling, air conditioning, lighting, and gas with enhanced safety features such as home view, leave security, intrusion detection, etc. based on the Internet of Things(IoT).

Meanwhile, KD Navien made a contract for supply with Osung Electric, one of the largest home appliances distributors in China. According to the contract, KD Navien started to supply its products from the premium store in Ningbo, Nanjing, etc. and become premium brand in Hwadong area where there are many consumers with high purchasing power.