Zone Control System

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Commercial zone control system

Commercial zone control system

Checking the temperature and heating records in each room in connection with the central PC

What is the Navien commercial zone control system?

It's a system that controls the heating status for each room or group through the central PC in a large-sized accommodation facility such as a hotel, motel, or resort facility.
Up to 256 rooms in 8 groups can be remote controlled for indoor temperature on the PC screen.
※ Boiler linkage: Connection by contact control
※ Using a one-socket valve controller and controlling up to 32 rooms per group
※ PC control program: ① Indicating the heating status of each room ② Selective control for each room, group, and entire house ③ Lockup function for each room

Controls each roomor group from the center (PC)

시스템 각방 상업용은 'PC 제어 프로그램'을 이용해
PC에서 각방 또는 그룹별로 관리/운영을 할 수 있습니다.
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Heating charges can be saved by
only supplying heating to the required room.

- Controlling each room or group (up to 256 rooms) from the center (PC)
- Controlling PC in various link types such as a large-sized boiler, boiler on each floor, or a combination of boilers
- Convenient central control from the center (PC) such as heating condition, error state, and lockup function setup

Heating by simple temperature setup in each room