About Condensing

Condensing Technology Protects the Earth.

Condensing is the way to go
Technology that enhances the value of energy and environment

Greenhouse gas and particulate matter damage our environment

Greenhouse gas causes global warming
Global warming has major impact on the planet we live on. More than 25,000 species of plants and 1,000 species of animals are in danger of extinction with increasing areas of arid climate and natural disasters such as droughts, floods, and typhoons. The main cause of global warming is greenhouse gas! As the greenhouse gas that makes up the atmosphere increases, the temperature of earth rises, causing the greenhouse effect. The cause of this greenhouse effect is the carbon dioxide generated when using fossil fuel.
Particulate matter
Particulate matter (PM) is a complex of mixture generated when burning fossil fuel and through a chemical reaction with other air pollutants (e.g. nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides) in the gaseous state. It is divided into fine particulate matter and ultrafine particulate matter, depending on the size of particles.
Why is particulate matter dangerous?
Particulate matter is harmful to our bodies as it is not filtered by the respiratory system. When it enters our bodies, the immune cells try to remove it to protect our body. However, it causes inflammation during this process inducing asthma, respiratory disease, and cardiovascular disease.
Danger of particulate matter
  • : Asthma, respiratory, and cardiovascular diseases
    • Class 1 carcinogen designated by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) of World Health Organization
    • Ultrafine particulate matter has adverse effect on our lungs, bronchi, and brain
  • Increases the chance of lung cancer, stroke, and heart disease

Condensing keeps Earth alive

What is condensing?
Condensing technology reuses heat and maximizes the efficiency to reduce energy consumption.
Does using condensing boilers reduce greenhouse gas and particulate matter?
Boilers account for 70% of the energy used in our houses. Using energy-efficient condensing boilers reduces the amount of NOx and particulate matter released into the air and helps improve the air quality.Unlike conventional boilers, the heat of the exhaust gas generated in the combustion process is reused. It reduces the energy consumption by 19% as well as greenhouse gas emission.
Environmental benefits of condensing boilers

    Using condensing boilers reduce NOx


    Reduce NOx emission in the industrial sectors


    The benefit of using one condensing boiler is equal to planting 208 trees a year


    If every household in Korea uses condensing boilers, it has the same benefit of distributing 3.4 million fuel cell electric vehicles a year

Condensing boilers lead the global market
Condensing boilers are eco-friendly energy devices that not only save energy but also protect the environment by reducing CO2 and NOx emissions, which is the main cause of particulate matter and the greenhouse effect. That is why many European countries mandate the installation of condensing boilers through legislation to save energy and protect the environment.In addition, its environmental benefits have been proven as the government supports its distribution through subsidies.

Condensing is the way to go
Technology that enhances the value of energy and environment

From first to the best
Since its development of condensing boilers for the first time in Asia in 1988, KD Navien has led its development, recognizing its benefit for saving energy in our country where energy resources are not rich.Our commitment and belief led to continuous technological innovation and products with the highest level of thermal efficiency and eco-friendly benefits. In Korea, our products are ranked first in market share, thanks to their performance in the global market and superior quality, as well as increasing consumer demands for eco-friendly products.
Ever evolving condensing technology , provides a new alternative for energy and environment.
    New commercial solution, , cascade system
    The cascade system is a more efficient heating and hot water solution,Depending on the site, it can save energy by 20 - 40% when replacing mid and large-size boilers.It reduces CO2 and NOx emission in responseto global warming as well as particulate matter.
    Home power generating boiler "Hybrigen SE"
    Technology that shapes the future of boilersAsia's first power generating boilers for homesCombining a condensing boiler and Stirling engine, Hybrigen SE generates electricity and enhances the efficiency of space and water hearing. This smart heating solution has the benefit of protecting the atmospheric environment while generating electricity to save energy.