KD Navien Overview

We will pursuit our corporate philosophy to make products for healthy tomorrows for people, society and the Earth.

Based on the authenticity and passion for the world,

KD Navien, your smarter living environment partner, focused on condensing technology to reduce fine dust before any other competitors, and introduced a hot water mat with the goal of creating an optimal environment for a comfortable sleep.
KD Navien has now come to develop Total Air Care (TAC) systems that provide people clean and fresh air.

KD Navien pledges to combine smart ideas into a pleasant space to realize the right technology that is more convenient and reliable.
With thoughtful innovation that always puts customers first, with a consistent corporate philosophy of always caring about the environment, KD Navien moves forward to a future where the health and happiness of our customers come together.

KD Navien puts the customers' pleasant life and environment first.

  • Global Leading Boiler Company
    30 consecutive years in the domestic industry No.1 Exporter
    For 13 consecuritve years No. 1 in North American market
    For 7 consecuritve years No. 1 in Market Share Rank in Russia
    Only company with USD 300 million in Tower of Export Award
  • World's Largest Smart Factory
    Production of 2 million units per year Single-Scale
    Equipment, Inspection, Material Handling Automation Smart Factory
  • CCM Acquision
    Industry's First
    Consumer-centered Management Certification

Company Status

  • Company NameKyungDong Navien Co., Ltd
  • CEOYeon-ho Sohn
  • Date of IncorporationMarch 1978
  • Areas of BusinessHome Boilers and Water Heaters,
    Hot water Mats, Air-conditioning Systems,
    Smart Home Network
  • No. of Employees993
    (as of 2020. 01)
  • Sales Account(Individual) 655.4
    billion won
    774.2 billion won
    (as of 2019)
  • Assets(individual)
    461.6 billion
    610 billion
    (As of 2019)
Business Sites in Korea
Navien (HQ)
7 metropolitan cities nationwide 
More than 350 dealers nationwide Direction
Overseas Corporations
Navien America
Navien Canada
Navien China
Navien Russia
Navien UK
Navien Mexico
Navien UBK
Seotan Factory
Pyeongtaek Factory
Factory #3
Research Institute of Energy Technology
HVAC Institute
AIR DESIGN Institute

Corporate Philosophy

Social Contribution through Business Success

The corporate philosophy is the essence and core of our brand.
It applies to every level of our business, from our products and services to customer interactions, societal contributions, and environmental initiatives.
On the basis of our corporate philosophy, we anticipate and develop technologies and services that our society needs ahead of our competitors.

We built a condensing boiler to reduce the generation of air pollutants, established a roof garden in a gray city full of smoke and dust, and created a care solution to protect the air quality of the indoor space where we live.
In everything we do, our products and services are geared toward building a comfortable environment and protecting our natural environment.

Corporate Vision

Smarter Living Environment Partner

We try to become a responsible and committed "living environment partner" that helps customers live healthy and comfortably.

We are building rooftop gardens using zero-emission artificial soil, and capable of helping our society build safer structures and environments by using top-quality insulating refractory materials.
With Total Air Care (TAC) systems, condensing boilers, hot water mats and smart home systems, we create a comfortable living environment.

We are developing core components for heating and cooling equipment that guarantee perfect quality.
It is a company specializing in the development and production of core components, including boilers, water heaters, and water pipe modules for hot water mats.
We are a professional service company that always puts customers first and realizes customer satisfaction.

Business Area

We try to do our best to realize healthy lives and better future of our customers.

Heating & Hot water
KD Navien is the first Asian company to introduce highly efficient and eco-friendly condensing technology, opening the era of eco-friendly boilers in Korea. Through continuous technological innovation, KD Navien is not only ranked No. 1 in the domestic industry, but it is also the No. 1 exporter of boiler water heaters.
Cooling & Air Conditioning
KD Navien presents system ventilation products that create a comfortable living environment with the technology of Korea's No. 1 boiler company. KD Navien has a system ventilation lineup of various sizes, taking into account the installation environment of residential and industrial facilities. In addition, it has obtained high-efficiency energy equipment certification for all models and has been recognized for its advanced technology in the field of ventilation.
Smart Home System
The home network and home automation products of
KD Navien, a leader of the smart home era, are equipped with a state-of-the-art remote control system, taking the lead in creating a more convenient and safe Korean residential culture. KD Navien is introducing differentiated technology that can innovatively reduce heating costs by providing only the amount of heat that is tailored to the environment of each room.

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