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The simplest thing is the most beautiful.

The most comfortable temperature for sleeping
with the same No. 1 Korea’s representative boiler technology
The most comfortable temperature for sleeping realized
by NTC Technology™ temperature control technology
NTC Technology ™

The most comfortable temperature for sleeping realized by temperature control specialist KD Navien

This technology allows sleeping at the optimal temperature for each individual taste through the intelligent smart separation heating adjusting the left/right temperature precisely by 1℃, matching the set temperature, of the mat and boiler by controlling the returning temperature, and ensuring, consistent temperature over the entire mat without temperature fluctuation. All of these features can only be realized by KD Navien.

Safety first design system

In designing a product, KD Navien researchers put the highest priority on “safety.”

High-temperature mode notice function

Check the temperature for safety again.

Get notified about the safety temperature when the temperature increases to 38℃ or over. When the Caution lamp is on, the temperature is too high.

Child lock mode

You can feel safe, even when your child carelessly touches the product.

Curious children tend to touch everything without us ever knowing When the child lock mode is on, the button cannot be controlled. So you can relax a bit more about your child’s safety!

Multi-layered safety system

System with the highest priority on safety

You can feel safe with the water inlet and cover, which features multiple barriers, and the connector guard without worrying about direct contact with the hose.

  • Horizon maintenance sensor to turn off power automatically in case of

    imbalance by monitoring the boiler
  • Overheat prevention system to prevent any fire risk by detecting overheat in the

    hot water tank and heater
  • The timer turns the system off automatically after 15 hours of

    non-stop operation for safety.
  • The water level sensor alerts when

    the water level is low.
  • It operates automatically when the temperature falls below 5℃ to keep the

    system from freezing.
Uncompromising premium level

The principle of KD Navien to pursue more outstanding quality

Slim type mat with comfort and simplicity

Ultra-slim mat without a hose

Simple and basic square pattern
Waterproofing is provided as a basic feature!
This is a pad-type slim mat that can be easily stored. It has a mattress-like feeling and is very thin, with a thickness of 5mm or less.

Gray cover with a unique pattern

Simple gray color softly in harmony with the product
Luxurious texture pattern with sporty impression

Simple and neat beauty

The design with the beauty of a comfortable and soft curve serves as an impressive point in the interior design.

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Comfortable display

The ice blue color relaxes your eyes.
With the auto dimming function, the light becomes naturally darker with time.

Curvy design

Design using the beauty of comfortable and soft curves


Enjoy the smartest function in the most convenient way!

Separately, but together! Left/Right separated heating

Left/Right temperature of the mat can be controlled by 1℃ based on your taste.

※ Separated heating is provided only in the queen/king size.

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Second generation easy connector

Easy connecter one step future upgraded

The second generation easy connecter allows a hose to be easily attached and detached with a single click. This makes installation and disassembly easy and simple. When the hose is attached and detached, water does not leak or flow, ensuring clean use.

Real-time water level notice

As the current water condition is informed by real-time water level lighting, you can conveniently check the timing for supplementing water.

Alarm sound

When a boiler operates, the alarm sets off.
A mute mode is provided.

Turn-off reservation function

You can reserve the preferred time by setting the time to turn off the hot water mat.

You can reserve the preferred time by setting the time to turn off the hot water mat.

Total solution from beginning to end

Reliable Navien total solution from purchase to A/S

Acquired the certification of consumer centered management (CCM) for the first time in the boiler industry
You can truly rely on KD Navien producing the best quality products. Our corporate culture focuses on customer satisfaction and quality, and so we run the happiness sharing call center 24/7, service center directly run by the headquarters, and offer free quality assurance for two years.