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News Participation in the Korea Energy Show 2016
Nov 9, 2016



KD Navien will be participating in the Korea Energy Show 2016, which will be held in KINTEX Hall 1 in Goyang city, Gyeonggi-do from November 8th. 


The Korea Energy Show, organized by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy and managed by the Korea Energy Agency, is the country's largest energy expo, and will highlight the latest technologies and policy trends in the area of energy, including for heating, air-conditioning and refrigerating equipment and new & renewable energy devices.


KD Navien will have a commanding presence at the event, which will begin on the 11th and run for 4 days. Alongside its diverse lineup of eco-friendly, highly efficient energy appliances including condensing boilers, the company will be showcasing its new & renewable energy devices, hot water mattresses, and other domestic products and technologies. KD Navien's booth will be organized under the "Beyond Boiler" concept, and will be divided into 6 themed sections, including a boiler zone, TAC zone, and hot water mattress zone. The sections will show visitors the latest and future technologies of the boiler industry, as well as hot water mattresses and other diverse energy solutions the company has in the works to become a B2C company.


A diverse lineup of products embodying KD Navien's 28 years of condensing technology expertise will be shown in the boiler zone, water heater zone, and commercial zone. The NCB550 and NCB750, eco-friendly, highly efficient condensing boiler models which are able to vastly reduce particulate matter emissions by bringing down the nitrous oxide (NOx) content in exhaust, will be unveiled to the public for the first time. The NCB900, which paved the way for the company's rise to become the top player in the North American condensing boiler market and is the undisputed standard for premium boilers in the Korean market as well, will also be on display. 'Navien Condensing Smart TOK,' an industry-first product that combines IoT (Internet of Things) technology with boilers to allow smart phone-based remote boiler controls, will also be featured.  The company's water heater zone will be introducing the NGW550, a new water heater model that boasts outstanding durability with its stainless steel heat exchanger, state-of-the-art flow regulation technology for superb hot water quality, and smallest footprint in the domestic market. The display in the commercial zone will focus on the cascade system, which is fast replacing conventional mid-to-large boilers.


Part of the display will be dedicated to the future of KD Navien, which aims to establish itself as a major B2C company. The TAC zone will showcase TAC’s space heating and cooling products which use the heat of summer to provide cooling, giving indoor spaces a refreshing and pleasant, 'European' ambience. The product, originally introduced as a 'dehumidifier-cooler,' is a highly energy-efficient one-stop solution that regulates temperature, humidity, and indoor air quality, and also provides an air deodorizing feature. The hot water mattress zone will feature the 'Navien Mate,' a premium hot water mattress that has been gaining much attention from the public given the cold weather.