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News NGW550, Korea's smallest stainless gas water heater, launched
Nov 15, 2016
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With the launch of the 'NGW550,' a stainless gas water heater model, KD Navien will be bringing its world-class water heater technology that has captivated the North American markets to Korea.


The new NGW550 is a "premium water heater" that provides superb hot water quality using KD Navien's world-acclaimed hot water control technology. This is done through a smart temperature regulation valve that provides hot water at a consistent temperature, without any fluctuations. Generic water heaters are prone to sudden changes in water temperature caused by fluctuations in water flow rate. However, KD Navien's NGW550, with its smart temperature regulation valve, does away with these concerns by monitoring the water pumped out of the water heater and adding cold water if the temperature becomes too high.


The unit also features superb flame control technology, which allows for accurate temperature controls not only in cold weather but also in the heat of summer. The NGW550 is equipped with an automatic flame control that regulates the size of the flame from 100% to 14% depending on the amount of energy required. Consumers can set the water temperature in 0.5℃ increments, from lukewarm to piping hot. With its precise energy controls, the precision flame control technology (TDR) prevents unnecessary gas use, saving on energy bills.


The use of a stainless steel heat exchanger means the NGW550 has enhanced durability. Stainless steel is 3.8 to 4.5 times more resistant to erosion than the brass traditionally used for heat exchangers. In addition, its strong corrosion resistance makes it a prime material for heat exchangers in condensing boilers, which are eco-friendly, high-efficiency energy appliances. KD Navien has drawn on the technical expertise in heat exchangers it has accumulated over its years of condensing boiler manufacturing to design the NGW550's stainless steel heat exchanger, giving consumers confidence that the unit will maintain its performance for many years.


The convenience and safety of the NGW550 are other reasons why it stands out. The smallest in its class in the Korean market, the unit can be used comfortably even in limited spaces. Since water heaters are usually used within living spaces, noise levels have been reduced to below ambient office noise levels. An APS, which monitors changes in air flow to allow for stable burning even in strong winds, curbs the risk of carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning. The system, installed for improved safety and convenience, also keeps the heater from stopping, providing high-grade hot water on demand at any time.