Navien, making the world a better place to live through technology

Navien Premium Condensing Cascade System Navien Solution in Swimming Pools

Reduce gas consumption by 23%
and energy cost by 16%

Premium Boiler NCB900 Navien Solution in Luxury Houses

Supply hot water and heating
for multi-story houses

Condensing Smart TOK, Navien Mate, Home Network Navien Solution in Home IOT

Did you forget to turn off the boiler or hot water mat?
Now, you can control it using your smartphone.

Zone System Commercial Navien Solution in Large Hotels

Control heating and save energy
using a PC


Perfect solution for connecting your life. Technology that brings convenience to busy lifestyles.

Heating costs can be expensive in winter. Keeping you warm
shouldn’t cost
you a fortune.
What is the smartest way to reduce heating costs?  
The answer is the Navien Condensing Boiler. Korea's first condensing boiler technology
with 31 years of experience since 1988
Navien Condensing Boiler
I’ve got a a busy morning commute But now I have
of time.
What is the smartest way to make your morning more manageable?  
Be smart! Use Navien water heater! Navien water heater is smarter and saves you time
and money through quick release of hot water!
Navien Condensing Water Heater
Did you forget to turn off the stove? Are you worried about leaving your children at home? Now you can
take care of these things
using your smartphone.
Then, what is the solution to these concerns about boiler, gas and security when you leave your house?  
The answer is Navien Home IoT! Control the gas, temperature and security systems from your smartphone.
No more concerns about your children at home!
Navien IoT Boiler
Are you tired all the time even after full night's sleep? Now you can
wake up
fully refreshed.
What is the smartest way
to create a healthy sleeping environment?
The answer is Premium Hot Water Mat "Navien Mate"! NTC Technology™ maintains
the perfect temperature for sleep
Navien Mate Hot Water Mat


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