Mid- & Large-Size Boiler

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High-efficiency vacuum water heater

Acquired the high efficiency certification by the Korea Energy Agency!

Acquired the high efficiency certification for greatly improved efficiency!

Acquired the pipe body type high efficiency certification for advanced technology!
This boiler has realized high efficiency certification, just through the efficiency of the main body.

Maximized efficiency by vacuum design

This economical boiler saves fuel costs by maximizing efficiency and minimizing radiating loss. It does this by using the vacuum vapor condensation method in which heat conductivity rate is 10% higher than the forced convection type of atmospheric pressure.

Zero maintenance cost for unattended operation

Zero maintenance cost

Swift hot water supply Small waste of water and fuel

This boiler supplies hot water swiftly through heat exchange. It uses vacuum steam created from byproduct water in addition to regular water. With fuel cost-saving technology with almost no initial preheating load loss for a small amount of irrigation, the boiler uses a state-of-the-art design for high efficiency and swift hot water supply.

A longer lifespan and resistance to corrosion mean that this boiler can be used in many applications, even those involving increasing water pressure

You can use the boiler for many years, thanks to its semi-permanent service life.
In addition to the working pressure of 10kgf/㎠ for resistance to high water pressure, this boiler can be produced in 15kgf/㎠ if necessary and applied to various installation conditions.

Clean heating water and hot water is available at all times through this product with a long lifespan.

You can safely use this product without any worry over leakage or trouble, thanks to advanced welding and processing technology developed over 30 years.

Saving installation costs through compact size

Enjoy the benefits of utilizing space and reduced installation cost