Condensing Gas Boiler

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NCB 900



Why aren't there any premium boilers in Korea? And so the NCB 900 was born to fulfill this need. KD Navien NCB 900 is Korea’s representative premium boiler for a high-class lifestyle.

Premium heating systemthat's perfect for large-sized houses

The NCB 900 realizes efficient heating through various applications,even in North America’s large-sized houses with their wide heating areas and multi-layered structures. Using the same technology, KD Navien offers the next-level heating system for Korea’s large-sized houses as well.

Premium hot water technology

The NCB 900 realizes efficient heating through various applications,even in North America’s large-sized houses with their wide heating areas and multi-layered structures. With the same technology, KD Navien presents heating systems on another level in Korea’s large-sized houses as well.

High-end service only for premium customers

Premium boilers should have their own unparalleled service. With the launch of the NCB 900, KD Navien has proclaimed a remarkable upgrade in A/S as well.In addition to the average three years of free warranty service period, customers can choose and trust the free quality assurance service for five years for products and ten years for heat exchangers.

  • Longest quality assurance period,
    Five years for
    products and free quality assurance service forthe first time in the industry
  • Longest quality assurance period,
    Ten years for heat exchangers
    and free quality assurance service for thefirst time in the industry
  • Smart care service
    Offering ARS consultation,
    direct consultation andreception 24/7 by specializedtechnology consultants.
  • For premium customers, we operate a premium call center only for the NCB 900.
    If you have any problems with the boiler,
    send us a message by smartphone.Any issue can be swiftly handled fromARS to a request for technician visit.
  • Boiler
  • Heating/Hot water temperature
  • Repetitive heating
  • 24 hours
    Reserve heating
Boiler connected to the Internet of Things (IoT)!

Your boiler can now help you enjoy a smart life, anywhere and anytime. You can use the remote control system,which uses IoT technology, through your smartphone, to control your boiler.


This is the certification system led by‘American Society of Mechanical Engineers’(ASME : American Society of Mechanical Engineers)’ a world-renown, international institution with a global level of safety and reliability. This strict certification system assesses and verifies not only products, but also their overall design, manufacture, and quality management. ASME thoroughly checks if products meet the certification standards through an in-person inspection upon mass production.

The NCB 900 bringsoptimal heating in any environment.

In the U.S., various devices need to be linked to effectively heat large-sized houses.All of these applications can be easily linked through the NCB 900's all-in-one function. The NCB 900 ensures pleasant and stable heating in any building environment.

This condensing boiler set offers even greater effectiveness and comfort.

The premium boiler NCB 900 is composed of four basic components—main body, manifold, external expansion tank, and external circulatory pump.(The external circulatory pump is an optional item.)

External circulatory pump
The high flow/lifting circulatory pump exchangeswater flowing in the pipeline to the boiler for heating. It's designed to supply heating water for large-sized luxurious houses.
The manifold maintains a certain level of flow byadjusting the pressure in the heat source and load side. 변It is an automatic heating load control system that resolves heating imbalance based on any changes in the heating area.
External expansion tank
An external expansion tank protects the pipeline andmechanical devices by absorbing pressure from any increase in the pipeline's temperature. This safety device prevents any damage due to an increase in pipeline pressure for large-sized houses, which require more heating water than other homes.
SAFETY 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, safety is our responsibility.

For boilers, safety is the most essential quality. KD Navien places its highest priority on customer safety and only releases products that customers can fully trust through quality management.

NOISE Enjoy your precious time
without any unpleasant noise

When quiet music plays,when it's time to sleep. When the children are studying, when it's dinnertime with the famil… Your pleasant moments should never be interrupted by noise from a boiler. With low-noise design minimizing noise and vibration, NCB 900 lets you enjoy your time in peace and quiet.

DESIGNPremium design

The NCB 900 is a premium boiler that is openinga new era of boilers with its features and innovative design. It has a sophisticated look, with its silver-gray cover hinting at its modern features. The controller also features convenient design that is very easy to use.