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The necessity of Navien automatic heat control system
  • Required heat in multi-unit dwellings vary according to the floor
  • Required heat varies on the same floor according to its household structure
Required heat for upper floor
Upper floor requires more heating due to the loss of heat
Required heat for middle floor
By being positioned in the middle, it requires less heating compared to upper floor
Heat Requirement for side wall
More heat is required for the zone with side wall the ones middle in the other zones。
Required heat for side wall
Households at side wall requires more heating compared to those in between other households
Required heat level varies according to the
direction of individual room in one household
  • Living room, main room, children’s room and gate room face South, East, West and North respectively therefore required heat level vary according to different time and direction of the room
  • Existing zone control system controls main water flow without considering the insulation condition and direction of the room. Optimized heating is possible by providing required heat according to the environment of individual room
Automatic heat control using Multi-House Combination Valve
  • Automatic heat control according to the required heat for individual room
  • Stable water flow control due to accurate water flow control through integrated valve port/diaphragm and differential pressure compensation