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Features & Benefits
  • Wireless communication environment checking function allowing noiseless operation
  • Battery Checking function notifying the replacement period of battery and extending the battery life.
  • Emergency operation function allows the heating to operate when the battery is dead or the system has an error
  • Self-diagnosis function displays the causes of failures of the boiler and Wireless Zone Control System
  • Can adjust the individual room temperature at user configured time and temperature
  • Able to adjust the DHW temperature at user’s preference in addition to the room temperature adjustment.
What is Navien Wireless Zone Control System?
Navien’s Wireless Zone Control System is a system that can be easily set up at existing houses or renovated apartments without electric wiring work. Navien’s Wireless Zone Control System is installed with the wiring of existing boilers, room thermostats and the rest by using RF(wireless) technology, making the whole installation convenient.
This installation can be applied.

If you choose Navien boiler, an ideal heating can be realized with DHW temperature control and energy saving.

Compatibility with boiler : Communication with Navien boiler or other companies’ products through electric contact.
DHW distributor : Could be chosen between system distributor / general distributor