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Features & Benefits
  • Navien’s condensing technology delivers cooled exhaust gas and high-performance
  • NPE was first to offer dual stainless steel heat exchangers, rather than copper, which extends the life of the unit by resisting corrosion
  • The NPE’s Negative Pressure Gas Valve and Dual Venturi system allows for easy field convertibility from Natural Gas (NG) to propane (LP) operation
  • A user-friendly interface on the front of the unit makes it easy to set up the NPE, run diagnostics and view essential system information
  • The NPE is designed to operate up to 3,000 meter, ensuring maximized performance in any region
  • Recognizes hot water usage patterns to intelligently provide hot water when needed
  • NPE is designed for outdoor installation (Outdoor vent kit is optional)
  • Multiple NPE with multiple storage tanks to meet flow or temperature rise requirements
Dual Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
Top quality stainless steel heat exchangers prevent potential corrosion caused by the condensate, ensuring a longer life expectancy. Its maximized condensing performance boasts minimal energy consumption to deliver central heating and domestic hot water to your home. The durable design of the heat exchanger guarantees consistent performance and efficiency during the lifespan of the boiler.
Eliminates “cold-water sandwiches” and issues of minimum flow rate.
A built-in insulated buffer tank and recirculation pump accelerates hot water delivery.
Utilizes Existing 15mm Gas Line
The NPE is the first tankless system that can utilize a home’s existing 15mm gas line, for lengths up to 7.3 meter.
Intelligent Front Control Panel
  • Self-Diagnostic
  • Temperature and Water Flow Rate Display
  • Status of Cascade Operation
  • Convertible Display from ºF to ºC
  • User Friendly Interface
  • Full Touch LCD Panel
Remote Control
NR-20DU (Optional)
  • Recirculation timer setting
  • Function to set the number of initial activating water heaters for caxcade system
  • Temperature set-up for cascade system with extemal tanks.