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Features & Benefits
  • Condensing efficiency of 101%
  • Top quality stainless steel heat exchangers prevent potential corrosion caused by condensate, ensuring a longer life expectancy
  • A digital room thermostat is provided as a basic option for your convenient and easy use
  • Built-in neutralizing system gives the perfect conversion of acid condensates to neutralized water
  • Lightweight design makes it convenient to carry and install
  • Telephone switch function offers convenient life style
  • Remote input is also available by telephone operated
  • Switches can be installed anywhere outdoor or indoor thanks to IPX5D
Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger
KD Navien uses proprietary cutting edge robotic technology to manufacture the highly efficient stainless steel heat exchangers and piping. Stainless steel ensures longevity and condensing technology enables the most efficient heating system to help reduce your heating costs.
Remote Control
KD NAVIEN has developed an innovative remote controller with a backlit screen and easy-to-read icons. The convenient control system allows you to adjust the boiler operation from any room in your house. The remote controller runs various functions creating a comfortable environment and minimized fuel costs. The function of setting heating hours and temperatures helps modulate the boiler making it compatible with a wide range of boiler outputs. A telephone S/W function of LCR-2DW offers an easy way to control your boiler via your phone.
Remote Panel