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Features & Benefits
  • Navien’s unique Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers prevent corrosion and erosion ensuring an extended life span and maintaining thermal efficiency even longer period of usage
  • The state-of-the-art Modulating Cam Shift Type, 3-Way Valve enables both space heating and domestic hot water supply
  • Summer Mode saves unnecessary energy with DHW operation only
  • Two staged anti-frost protects the boiler from the freezing condition even falling to -40°C
  • The boiler works stably and reliably even at the lower gas pressure of 4 mbar
  • The boiler can deliver comfortable DHW at constant temperature even at the lower inlet water pressure of 0.1bar
  • The built-in heating strainer keeps the heating circuit of the boiler clean maintaining its high thermal efficiency
  • DHW temperature adjustment by 1°C eliminates constant re-adjustment of hot water temperature
  • Pre-heating function delivers hot water faster to your tap
  • Self-diagnosis shows error codes on the stylish LCD screen of room thermostat, allowing quick and easy service
  • Application of ‘SMPS system’ enables stable operation even in areas with frequent voltage fluctuation. (up to ±30%)
Remote Control
  • Temperature adjustment
  • Lock function
  • Pre- heating
  • Timer for 24 hour heating schedule
  • Summer mode
  • Wide LCD screen