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Features & Benefits
  • Quick domestic hot water supply
  • Easy-to-read 4.9” wide LCD controller screen
  • Stainless steel plate heat exchangers for DHW
  • DHW temperature adjustment in 1°C
  • Seasonal mode; summer mode for DHW only and winter mode for heating and DHW
  • 3-way motorized valves enable both central heating and DHW
  • DHW temperature control by automatic by-pass valves
  • Enhanced safety; anti-frost, anti-blockage and anti-sticking
  • Quiet operation gives you peace of mind
  • 3-separated boiler cases make the installation and maintenance easier
  • A digital room thermostat is available
Heating Principle
Intelligent Front Control Panel
The front-control panel has a user-friendly interface making temperature adjustments and other settings easy
Remote Control
LRC-2DW (Telephone Switch) / NR-20E
KD NAVIEN has developed an innovative remote controller with a backlit screen and easy-to-read icons. The convenient control system allows you to adjust the boiler operation from any room in your house. The remote controller runs various functions creating a comfortable environment and minimized fuel costs. The function of setting heating hours and temperatures helps modulate the boiler making it compatible with a wide range of boiler outputs. A telephone S/W function of LCR-2DW offers an easy way to control your boiler via your phone.