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KD Navien provides condensate wall-hanging gas boiler appropriate for environment satisfying both price and quality with Navien’s brand.

Navien boiler operates at harsh temperature of Korea without problem and works well even for low gas pressure, rapid decrease in water pressure and voltage. Navien’s product has long lifespan and is economic.

Improved Heat Exchanger
Frequency of occurrence of calcium and condensate have decreased through improvement of heat exchanger to reinforce corrosion of parts and blockage of heat exchanger. Further, circulation flow rate has been improved therefore smoother heating has become available.
Smart Indoor Temperature Guided through Voice (OPTIONAL)
Cooling level of user interface, of which user convenience has been optimized, can be controlled through 3 levels. Further, the voice guide provides convenience for the consumer who uses it fore the first time.
Quicker Water Heating and Smaller Temperature Change
New quick warm water control function has been applied for quick use of warm water. In addition, changes in flow rate while using warm water is detected promptly and its detailed control is available according to the change therefore the use warm water comfortably without water temperature change.
Optimal Heating Control through Detection of Change in External Temperature
In case of other boiler, which is controlled by supply temperature only, water is heated by the pre-set temperature of supply heat irrespective of temperature of external device, excessive heating or frequent On/Off can occur. PRIME, however, has circulation water control system for checking temperature of returned water therefore heating condition changed by external device temperature therefore daily temperature change can be handled promptly and comfortable heating is available.
Outdoor temperature sensor mode (Optional)
Outdoor temperature, which automatically controls indoor heating temperature according to the temperature of external device optimizes heating temperature according to the types of fan coil, radiator and various indoor heatings.
Stable Anti-Freezing System
Anti-freezing system operates automatically once the temperature decreases. If the temperature of heating water decreases under 10℃ , circulation pump starts to work automatically and heating medium circulates in heating water continuously. If the temperature of heating water decreases under 6 ℃ , burner sets off automatically and boil heat medium to 21℃ .
Stable and Safe Operation Even for Rapid Voltage Regulation
If voltage changes by ± 30% at 230V, SMPS system of micro processor starts to operate. Through this, the equipment works normally even for rapid voltage regulation, life span is extended and damage is prevented.
Use of Heating and Hot Water Even with Low Gas Pressure
Boiler works stably at low gas pressure of 4mbar (Water Quantity)
Hot Water Available for Low Water Supplying Pressure
Even if water supplying pressure decreases to 0.1bar, boiler operates stably therefore the boiler can be used in area with low water pressure and frequent change of water pressure.
Built-In Automatic Temperature Maintenance Function (External Temperature Sentor)
Navien Prime maintains indoor temperature according to surrounding temperature though automatic temperature maintenance function. The auto-temperature control function is basically built in control system and only external temperature sensor needs to be connected to boiler to use the auto control system.
Turbo Modular System
The turbo fan installed in combustion section of Navien Prime controls circulation speed according to signal sent from APS wind pressure sensor. Air is supplied into combustion room through this way.
The method of Navien Prime into which fan is installed on bottom of combustion room minimizes heat loos through flue. Navien Deluxe, which is a STS heat exchanger generates the same heat efficiency with boiler to which heat exchange has been applied without increase in gas level.