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Features & Benefits
  • High efficiency and low pollutant emissions by brilliant condensing technology
  • SEDBUK A rated condensing combi boilers
  • Integrated primary and secondary stainless steel heat exchangers prevent corrosion and erosion ensuring an extended lifespan and maintain their high efficiency over a longer span of usage
  • Fully modulating system continuously optimizes its heat output to suit your home
  • Built-in APS (Air Pressure Sensor) makes Navien Condensing Combi Boiler the ideal choice for high-rise apartments or seashores where 55m/s strong wind blows or wind blows directly toward the air intake vent
  • Extended venting horizontally up to 20 meter is possible, allowing flexible installation options
  • NOx emissions CLASS 5, eco-friendly stainless steel premixed burners and low temperature of combustion products are drastically able to reduce NOx and CO emissions
  • The high turn down ratio of 20% means the unit is able to turn the output of heat source down to 20% of its maximum
  • An optional outdoor weather sensor (known as weather compensation) enables the boiler to run in condensing mode, operating it at its maximum efficiency almost all the time
  • DHW temperature adjustment by 0.5°C eliminates constant re-adjustment of hot water temperature
  • Quick DHW supply function provides ideal solution for inconvenient wait
  • Two-staged frost protection system protects both the water pipe and the unit from freezing
  • Can be installed anywhere indoor or outdoor thanks to IPX 5D degree certification
  • Self-diagnosis and error feedback feature offers quick troubleshooting guide
  • Programmable thermostats are available
  • Ready to add solar hydraulic applications with built-in 3 way valves
  • Anti-legionella ready system (Navien Condensing NCN System Boiler)
A Unique Product Designed to Compliment the Modern Home
As it is available in white, silver, and black, you are sure to find a stylish color to suit your surroundings.
Durable and Reliable Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers
Top quality stainless steel heat exchangers prevent potential corrosion caused by the condensate, ensuring a longer life expectancy.
Its maximized condensing performance boasts minimal energy consumption to deliver central heating and domestic hot water to your home.
The durable design of the heat exchanger guarantees consistent performance and efficiency during the lifespan of the boiler.
NOx emission Class 5, Eco-friendly Premixed Burners
The Navien NCN boiler is a NOx emission Class 5 unit which is the highest ranking available.
Metal fiber burners within the combustion chamber control the flame by fully optimizing the pre-mix of Gas/Air ratio prior to combustion. This reduces CO and NOx emissions enhancing energy efficiency simultaneously.
Intelligent Front Control Panel
The front-control panel has a user-friendly interface making temperature adjustments and other settings easy.
Remote Control
NR-10PU (Standard) / NR-10PT (Telephone Switch) /
NR-10PW (Weekly Timer)
KD NAVIEN has developed an innovative remote controller with a backlit screen and easy-to-read icons. The convenient control system allows you to adjust the boiler operation from any room in your house. The remote controller runs various functions creating a comfortable environment and minimized fuel costs. The function of setting heating hours and temperatures helps modulate the boiler making it compatible with a wide range of boiler outputs.