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News Beijing Branch of KD Navien to build new plant in Beijing, China
Sep 27, 2016
KD Navien aims for the top in China's boiler and water heater markets



Beijing KD Navien, the Chinese branch of KD Navien, will be making a bid to rise to the top of the Chinese boiler and water heater market through the construction of a new local production plant.


On September 22, Beijing KD Navien held a ground-breaking ceremony for its new Beijing plant, which will be the driving force behind the company's efforts to dominate the Chinese market. Present at the event were Economic Minister Eun Ha Park of the Embassy of the Republic of Korea in China, dignitaries from the local government, local residents, and construction personnel.


The new Beijing plant will be built in stages on a plot of approximately 48,000㎡, and will be completed by 2020. In the first stage, which is to begin in 2017, a plant capable of producing 300,000 units per year will be built with an investment of approximately 13 billion Won. By 2020, when construction is fully completed, the facilities will have a boiler and water heater manufacturing capacity of 500,000 units per year. KD Navien's existing Seotan Plant, which has the highest production capacity for a single plant in the world, already provides the company with 2 million units per year. The new plant in China will become a new beachhead from which the company can make inroads into the Chinese market.


The construction of the new plant in Beijing will build on the experience gained through the construction of the Seotan Plant, an automated facility, to further enhance productivity. This "global advance base" will host a vastly improved and more systematic quality control system. To this end, automated systems will be installed alongside intelligent warehousing facilities and a non-stop logistics system to improve productivity. A battery of inspection systems will be implemented as part of stricter quality controls.


When it became the first Korean company to enter China’s boiler market in 1993, KD Navien introduced 'ondol' space heating to China. The popularity of ondol space heating systems propelled the company to first place in the space heating market. Since 2014, the company has consistently ranked among the 10 leading wall mount-type boiler brands selected by the China Quality Supervising and Test Center for Gas Appliances, and is a brand consistently loved by consumers.