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Consumer Centered Management[CCM]

What is CCM certificate?

The first company in the industry to achieve CCM(Consumer Centered Management) certificate
Consumer Centered Management is based upon an enterprise system that improves the overall value of a company in the long term by proactively resolving the consumer’s complaints as well as analyzing, solving, and preventing those problems.
Since its CCM declaration in January 2011, KD Navien has autonomously transformed all aspects of its business to reflect the emphasis on CCM, in ways of developing a field manual for managing customer complaints and establishing a CCM-based protocol.
As a result, the company acquired the CCM certificate on 12th August 2011 for the efforts and fruitful outcome of its projects.
* Certification Authority : Fair Trade Commission, Operation Agency: Korea Consumer Agency
CCM Certification Mark

Expected Effects through CCM Certification

Expected effects from CCM certification, in terms of consumer, enterprise and public sectors
Accessibility to product and service-related information provided by the company
Quick and rational handling of the consumer’s complaint, according to CCM-based operation system
Enlightenment and awareness to the CEO and employees regarding consumer issues
Strengthening of corporate competitiveness realized by consumer innovation
Public Sector
Decrease in costs for post-settling of complaints and solution
CCM Certification Mark