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Creating a comfortable world through ethical practices,
eco-friendly principles and spirit of sharing

We will grow further to be the creator of comfortable living environment through sustainable management.

Sustainable Management

A company that cares environment and energy

The recent environmental and energy problems have become a global issue connected to social responsibility of the company and a keyword for sustainable management. Starting with the name ‘KyungDong Machinery” from 1978, the company has expanded its business to establish an eco-friendly management system through its energy saving and environment protecting products.

Ethical and Sharing With the World

The 5 affiliates of KyungDong related to living environment are attempting to be a global leader in each field through continuous technology development and creative thinking. Further, the companies are striving to reach the ultimate goal of making the customer’s life more comfortable.


KD Navien creates customer values through quality management

The quality of KD’s products is effort to fulfill social responsibility through corporate activities