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CEO’s Greeting

My name is Choi, Jae-bum and I am the
President of KyungDong Navien Co., Ltd

Greetings and thank you for visiting the KyungDong Navien home page.

KyungDong Navien began its business as 'KyungDong Machinery Co., Ltd.' in
1978. In 1988 KD Navien became the first company in Asia to produce a
highly efficient, environmentally-friendly condensing boiler, quickly
establishing the company as the regions leader in condensing boiler supply.
With the birth of the 'Navien condensing boiler on水', the world's top efficient
energy saving and CO2 reduction hot-water boiler, we were able to grow into
the preeminent heating company in Korea.

When talking about boilers, when talking about condensing,
when talking about export… KyungDong Navien

KD Navien has expanded its business areas to water heaters, zone control systems, ventilation systems, home network systems, air-conditioning, and various other focuses that provide a more pleasant living environment for our customers. Not wanting to limit ourselves to just the domestic market, for 20 consecutive years we have been the top export company in the overseas boiler industry. In fact, approximately 70% of Korea's entire boiler and gas water heater exports are KD Navien products, with market shares in the US, Europe, China, Russia and South America.

KD Navien will make every effort to develop the world's best high-efficiency, environmentally-friendly products that will have positive impacts on the housing culture of Korea.
Also, we will accelerate in developing green energy equipment such as the Stirling Engine m-CHP, fuel cell m-CHP, and solar thermal systems to improve our quality of life today and for generations to come.

Thank you. Jae-bum Choi, CEO of KD Navien

Jae-bum Choi